The Memorials in Washington, D.C.

Today we visited the various memorials along the mall in Washington, D.C. First stop was the Vietnam Memorial. Some of our pilgrims personally knew people whose names are engraved in the wall. Al Hoppe found the names of two classmates, C. Gregory Nuckles and Harry W. Wickersham, Jr.

Then we visited the Korean Conflict Memorial which recreates a group of soliders on patrol in the difficult and cold terrain that was Korea during that period.

We also visited the WWII Memorial and were privileged to be there with a group of WWII vets being honored at the Memorial.

Of course, no visit to Washington is complete without a visit to the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Some in the group then went on to view the White House and attend Vespers at the National Cathedral. Unfortunately, I was unable to go with them so I have no pictures.

Tomorrow we visit the U.S. Capitol. Tonight is our farewell dinner at La Tomate Restaurant. It has been a wonderful trip, full of God’s grace. We’ve learned so much, enjoyed getting to know one another better, and worshiping together. See you all soon!

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