A Visit to the World Trade Center

Methodist Heritage Tour_Sunday-29After our visit to John Street Methodist Church, we had a free afternoon. Some folks went to take in a show or visit the Metropolitan Art Museum. A group of us went to the World Trade Center Memorial. It was, as you might imagine, very moving. (By the way, notice in the photos that the weather is BEAUTIFUL! Temps in the mid-60s but sunny. And to think we almost didn’t come!)

The memorial consists of two reflecting ponds, one on the site of the north tower, one on the site of the south tower. The ponds are the exact size the buildings once were. Water is flowing downward throughout the memorial, into what appears to be a bottomless pit, a reminder of the way the towers crashed down after the planes struck. But water is also a sign of life and the sound of it is very calming. Along the edges of each pond are carved the names of the nearly 3,000 victims. Quite gripping was the sight of a name followed by “and her unborn child.” Inside the museum is the girder that once stood beside the rubble that took on the shape of a cross.

Right beside the reflecting ponds, rises the 1,776-foot tall Freedom Tower (get the significance of the Methodist Heritage Tour_Sunday-10height?), which is still being constructed. It’s a beautiful building. Ironically, we all spotted what looks to be crosses on this building as well.

It was a very moving visit and there were certainly many, many people — probably many of them tourists — also visiting.

Tomorrow, we leave New York City and head south to Drew University for a tour of the Methodist Museum located there, and a glimpse of evangelist, George Whitfield’s, thumb! More on that tomorrow.

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