We’re Going!


Dear Fellow Pilgrims,

Keep packing! It appears we are going!

As you probably know, the latest National Hurricane Center prediction shows Hurricane Joaquin going out to sea. As of this morning, the New York area is no longer even in the cone of uncertainty. That’s the good news.

Of more concern is the nor-easter storm, completely unrelated to the hurricane, that is battering the Carolinas and points north today. New York City is getting rain and strong winds today and this evening, which are forecast to lighten up tomorrow.

Elaine has talked with our bus company rep, and while he cannot guarantee it, he feels pretty confident that there will be no order to close the roads due to flooding. Elaine has also talked with our hotel in NYC and put a hold on rooms for us for Monday night, in case we cannot leave due to road closure. However, we either have to pay for those rooms by this evening or release them. We are probably going to release them if the weather forecasts remain as they are now. (Paying for rooms in Manhattan is a pretty expensive proposition!)

Our plan is to check with our bus and hotel contacts one more time later today as we continue to monitor the weather forecasts. I’ll send another e-mail tonight to let you know the latest. But as of this moment, WE ARE GOING!

I would remind you to pack rain gear. It will be raining on us. Betty Ann Taylor also suggests we bring Ziploc bags for our phones, wallets and papers that we might bring with us. Ziplocs do a great job of keeping electronics and papers dry in the rain.

And remember to share our blog web-site with loved ones so they can follow along:


Check for one more e-mail from me later this evening. But I expect that message will be the same as this one. So, see you no later than 8:30 a.m. tomorrow, and remember to park along the soccer fields.


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